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    CS5 and Quicktime

    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      For those with CS5... is Quicktime included in the install, or should I download from Apple and install myself?


      If QT is included with CS5... which version?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          John T.,


          I cannot comment definitively, as I am a bit behind you on the CS5 scale, but there have been mentions of QT being needed for CS5 (one of the 7.6.x versions minimum, IIRC), and also mention of the "QT Installer" for CS5. What I do not know is the absolute minimum version # required, and if the QT Installer is perhaps in the Mac-version of CS5. Many have commented that QT 7.6.6 works for them (think that Jeff B. was one), but there have also been reports that a roll-back from 7.6.6 has helped others. The 7.6.2 and 7.6.3 versions seemed as problematic as the 7.4.3 and 7.4.4 versions were. I am still on 7.5.5, and consider it my "last known good" version, as it works perfectly (or as perfectly as Apple QT has ever worked) for me. Prior to that one, 7.3.5 was the previous last known good.


          I know that Harm is NOT a fan of anything Apple, so he would be a great one to comment on whether it is now necessary and also which version he was able to install and use.


          Good luck, and I am watching all of your CS5 and hardware thread,



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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Right now, I don't think I will NEED Quicktime with CS5, since I will only be editing any AVI files I digitize using my Dv500 over in my WinXP boot side (still have a few old VHS tapes I'm converting to DVD before the tapes stop working due to age) and then, of course, the MTS AVCHD files from my new Canon Vixia


            I don't work with anything .MOV so I guess I'll just wait and see what CS5 does during install


            My order is on the way (due Thursday the 3rd) and then "a day or so" to send my University proof to the ID site and get a serial number... so I should be able to install next Saturday (or late Friday?)


            I was going to do some more test filming yesterday, but hands were dirty from yard work, and then it started raining again, so maybe I'll just wander around the house to get some clips to play with (I'm sure I won't be able to KEEP anything, since my wife is very picky about how things look, but for test and toss she should be OK... having a wife who is a semi-retired Interior Designer means it is really difficult to take even a still pic without her fussing in the background)

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              John T.,


              What I saw referencing QT in CS5 could also have been referring to either (or both), installation on a Mac, or if one needs to work with QT formats/CODEC's. PrElements does need QT and interfaces with it in more ways than PrPro has needed to in the past. When I first started using PrE 4, and spending time on that forum, I was amazed to find out the symbiotic link between PrE and QT. About half of the crashes were coming from having very old versions of QT installed - simply amazed me.


              Good luck, and just think about those big, juicy heirloom tomatoes this Summer. It'll be worthwhile. I can imagine fresh bloody marys on the deck in July!



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                Colin Brougham Level 6

                QuickTime support is "built-in" as far as Premiere Pro is concerned; there is no need to install either the free QT Player or the paid QT Pro to gain any additional import or export functionality. If, on the other hand, you intended to perform any QuickTime-related playback or editing outside of PPro, you will need one or the other, but for Premiere alone there is no need to install any additional players or codecs.


                EDIT: I may be wrong about the above; just checked the back of the CS5 packaging, and it says "QuickTime 7.6.2 software required for QuickTime features." That's pretty vague, but since I need QuickTime as part of my workflow, I always have it installed so I can't test to see if PPro will import and edit a QT MOV file without the QT Player installed.


                That all said, if you never work with QT files, then I think you're safe to skip the QT Player/Pro installation; you won't miss out on any functionality.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  That is good to know and thank you for that clarification.



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                    jeremy d. Level 3

                    If you want to import and edit QT footage on PC, you'll need to install QT 7.6.2 or later

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      That was obviously the reference that I had seen. First red flag for me was the 7.6.x aspect, due to issues with earlier 7.6.x versions. Then, reports came in that 7.6.6 was a good one. Not too long afterwards, some users reported issues with that version, so fear gripped my heart. Not sure if those problems WERE with 7.6.6, or something totally unrelated. I have to admit that it's often too easy to point prematurely at a "usual suspect," like Matrox, QT, or similar. I know that if I see a post with DivX, Xvid, K-Lite or FFDShow in it, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up a bit.





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                        TradeWind Level 3

                        I know that in CS3 that FLV exports used QuickTime files as a placeholder during exporting. So in that case, QuickTime was required even though none of my source files nor any of my destination formats had anything to do with QuickTime (and I was on PC as well). I don't know if that is still the case or not as I no longer use PPro to render any of my FLV files (Sorenson Squeeze, thankyouverymuch).


                        But then the Adobe employee just said it wasn't required unless doing work with QuickTime files, so I guess that's your answer.

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                          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          >guess that's your answer


                          Yes... as I said at the start of this, input will be AVI or AVCHD... no MOV or any other codec


                          Output will be DVD... I don't do youtube or any other format


                          So, when my CS5 order arrives and I install, I'll watch to see if QT is part of the install... if it is, I'll let the installer do it's job... i not, I won't worry about QT

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                            TradeWind Level 3

                            QuickTime will not be part of the install regardless (even in CS3, where it used QuickTime, it didn't install with CS3, it required a separate install, as is usually done with QuickTime).


                            My point was that if QuickTime is no longer required for FLV export as it was 2 versions ago, you should be fine not installing it. If it is still required, you will only find out by trying to export an FLV in CS5.


                            Adobe does not include installers for all required applications (a web browser, for instance, is required to view the help files online)