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    setStyle events? Interfaces base class IEventDispatcher or UIComponent?

    FM_Flame Level 1

      1) Does the setStyle method have an event listener ?


      I am trying to setStyle dynamically:


      styleManager.getStyleDeclaration("global").setStyle("textDecoration", "underline");

      styleManager.getStyleDeclaration("global").setStyle("fontSize", 30);








      I wanted to escape from the fact that the user sees the style changing and I don't want that. For example: button text size goes from 14 px to 30 px and I want the button to go invisible -> change style -> fade back to visible. How do I know when the styles have been changes and I can move to fading the button?



      2) I saw examples with interfaces, some of which use as base class the IEventDispatcher and others UIComponent. So I would like to know what is better or.. why would I use one or another?