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    Problems with Rendering

    si755 Level 1

      I realize this problem could be media encoder as well, but I am sort of stumped here.


      I have CS4 and am using Windows Ultimate. In the past I created presets for when I render. I have my presets for Uncompressed AVI and QT with PNG and Animation codecs.


      I am now trying to render part of a sequence and I am getting some odd results. Quicktime, for example, shows that the render finishes but it really does not render at all. The file just finishes in a couple seconds. It doesn't seem to matter what codec I choose for QT, I get the same results when I start the queue. (I have QT 7.6.6) I haven't changed anything (that I am aware of) and my process is still that same.


      When I try to render an Uncompressed AVI the file renders but does not come out right. The movie footage is slow and the audio sync is way off.



      I am using the same files from my camera which are h.264 AVCHD. I have done this process before and everything worked out fine.Again, the process is the same for me so I have no idea why it is no longer working. The only thing that I can think may have changed is that Windows updated something that changed it.  I have no idea what changed.


      I know codecs and rendering is a complicated process and I am relatively new to this. If anyone can give me any insight I would appreciate it. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this?