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    Seagate Momentus XT


      What do folks think of the Seagate Momentus XT as a system drive? Sounds like it will boot significantly faster than a VelociRaptor, at half the price.



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          FelixUnderwood Level 2

          Harm, I hand the mic to you for this one!

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            Since when is boot time so relevant on an editing machine?


            You turn it on in the morning, while you are still having your first cup of coffee, and turn is off at the end of the day. Sure, it looks nice to reduce boot time for notebooks, but for an editing machine? I have my doubts, because most serious editors have raids and have you ever considered how long it takes to initialize the raid bios, what it takes to spin up your drives? Instead of 50 seconds, boot time may be reduced to 35 seconds. So what? Booting happens once a day, so it seems like a waste of money to pay twice or more the price per GB.


            IMHO, it is a nice gadget, it may be worth it for notebooks that get booted multiple times a day, that are not delayed by staggered spin-up or raid initialization, but for an editing machine it is a waste of money.


            Just my $ 0.02

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              qseep Level 1

              Thanks for the input, Harm.


              I'm not a professional editor. My desktop box will be in my bedroom, so it's not something I want on all the time, making noise. I'll turn it on when I need to use it. I might want to turn it on just to write e-mail. Thus, boot time can be important.


              I don't think I'll need a RAID on the box, as I'll be editing HDV and AVCHD, not 4K or uncompressed video. But it's a good point about how long that might take.


              It's not just boot time that is cut by the drive, it's the time to open applications. Which is something that can happen many times while working.


              I have read in other posts that you recommend a VelociRaptor as a boot drive. Why a VelociRaptor, when it's so expensive? The Momentus XT is much cheaper.


              - Lyle

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                FelixUnderwood Level 2

                Lyle, I use a Corsair 256Gb SSD on my edit computer. Harm's right, it doesn't really boot up much faster than my 10K HD. It takes 45 secs just to get out of the POST! However, that's not what I was expecting anyway. I'm using one because I was cancelling out Autosaves on big PPro Projects with my old HD and just when I would need one, I'd have to go a half-hour back to the last Auto Save that I didn't cancel and pick up from there. I never cancel out Auto Saves now with the SSD because it writes so fast. There are other benefits to an SSD: much greater reliability. Small profile, thereby obstructing much less incoming air flow. They practically run at room temp. so there's one less furnace in the computer cabinet. They make zero noise, of course and draw less power. Oh yeah, and they don't require defragging. And lastly, applications do load fast! Of course, you don't want to use them for media quite yet because of their price, but here's proof that their price is coming down and their capacity is going up: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820250002&nm_mc=EMC-IGNEFL052710&cm_ mmc=EMC-IGNEFL052710-_-EMC-052710-Index-_-SSD-_-20250002-LC1C

                I think their greatest quality is the increased reliability over HDs. I have a lot more confidence now when I hit the Power button. Clearly someday they will replace the hard drive, for I've yet to see technology stand still.

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                  qseep Level 1

                  OK, basically I'm trying to figure out, if I buy a new editing box, should my system drive be:


                  1) 10KRPM WD VelociRaptor, 300GB, $200

                  2) 7200RPM Seagate Momentus XT, 320GB, $115

                  3) Intel X25-M SSD, 80GB, $225


                  The SSD will be the fastest, quietest, and coolest, but the most expensive and the smallest.


                  The Momentus has a 4GB SSD cache, so will be faster than the VelociRaptor for reading frequently used files, but slower for writing, streaming large files, or accessing infrequently used material.


                  The VelociRaptor will get good all-around performance, but not as fast as the SSD, and not as fast as the Momentus for things like booting or opening programs.


                  I know you can get bigger SSDs, but they're way too expensive, and my understanding is that the X25-M performs the best.


                  - Lyle

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                    FelixUnderwood Level 2

                    "and my understanding is that the X25-M performs the best." That was my understanding too...a year ago. A lot's changed since then. I'd check out Tom's Hardware to see what they have to say. As I recall, the write performance of the X25-M wasn't all that fast. That link I put in my previous post has some impressive specs, especially for the price.

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                      qseep Level 1

                      OK, I will look at that drive you mentioned. Unfortunately it's sold out at the moment, but maybe that's a good sign. Besides, it's 128GB which makes me a bit more comfortable than 80GB for a system drive.


                      Supposedly, all will change around the end of the year when they introduce 25nm process SSDs. Should be double the current capacities for the same price. Of course, hard drives increase in capacity too, but you only need so much for a system drive.

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                        ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                        The reason the Intel's were so fast before was they did not have the random write latency issue that almost all of the other SSD drives had at the time. Now with the controller changes that issue has gone away for others. You might want to check on this drive now.


                        Mushkin Enhanced Callisto SSD Read 285MB/s Write 275MB/s

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                          qseep Level 1

                          Thanks, that one looks interesting. However it seems quite pricey at $360 for the 120GB version!

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                            ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                            Well somewhat but not really when the Intel 160GB drives are still $450 on Newegg. Consider the performance gain over the Intel and yet a cheaper cost for a loss of 40GB.

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                              qseep Level 1

                              Oh, shoot. I think the WD SiliconEdge Blue 128GB was on sale for $250, now it's up to $350.


                              - Lyle

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                                Actually I'm thinking of 2 x Momentus XT in RAID0 as video rendering drive. Fast and cheap? Sequential write is very good.

                                I'm doing a lot of MPEG2 encoding (SD) and need to output as fast as possible.


                                And assuming you're backing up your video drive to another drive regularly (mine does a sync backup every couple of hours), why not use this setup for video work drive? Cheaper, faster, higher capacity compared to say 2 x Velociraptor 300GB in RAID0.