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    Using AVCCAM and HDV Footage in the same Timeline




      I'm in the market for a second HD camera, I have a Canon XH-A1 and want a Panasonic HMC40.  I'm running CS3 now and am planning on upgrading my editor to CS5 next year.  Can footage from the two cameras be intercut in the same timeline in CS3 and CS5?  If not, I'm planning on going with a Sony FX7 as my B-Camera, but it looks like AVC-HD is the future so I'd like any investment I make to be viable for some time to come.  I can only spend about $2,500 right now and really need a B-Cam that shoots HD.  I know the codecs are different, but they're ultimately both MPEGs, so can you use them in the same project, same timeline?