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    CS5 Bug or Missing Preference

    Ben M Adobe Community Professional

      I just happened to notice something while I'm working this today and am curious if anyone else noticed this.  When you run CS4 or earlier and type a CSS color attribute into code view like:


      background-color: #FF0000;


      As you typed the color hex code the color in the box would change and if I wanted to modify the color from DW I could do so using that color as a starting point.  But even if I right click on the color after it is entered and click on Code Hint Tools--> Color Picker it starts from black every time.  I made sure all the CodeHints folders in the configuration had proper permissions (went through preferences & application support).


      I'm just curious if anyone else has noticed this whether it is a bug, bad installation or whether something was removed or otherwise altered.


      Mac OSX, 10.6.3