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    PLEASE help me squeeze the price of this build!!


      Hi everyone-

      I have been working on a new computer build with heavy CS5 usage in mind, particularly After Effects and Premiere.  I have regular access to free cameras and gear, and I need an editing machine to facilitate a few personal projects  This machine will be the kernel of a home studio, but will also be used for more ordinary internet / bill-paying types of work as well.

      The help I need from you:

      The price on my build right now is $3,956.00. 
        Yikes!!  I need help squeezing the total pricetag of this rig to a more manageable number, hopefully under $3,000.  However, I know that I am purchasing literally everything in the system brand new, including things like monitors, speakers, the keyboard, etc, so my pricetag will be a bit higher than most builders in this forum.

      As you'll see, I just mostly went on Newegg and selected the highest-rated component that was in a comfortable price range for me.  I'm pretty sure that everything in my list will be able to play together nicely, but if there are ways that I can take steps down in price without affecting the quality of the system too drastically, those are the changes I want to know about. 

      TO SUM UP:  After reading this forum for awhile, I've put together the computer I think I WANT.  But I barely know what I'm doing with this stuff!  Can you help me build the computer I NEED?


      - Intel i7 930 Bloomfield 2.8 Ghz
      $290 on Newegg

      GPU- PNY GTX 480
      $500 on Newegg
      RAM- 12 GB of CORSAIR XMS3(6x2)
      $329 on Newegg

      MOBO- ASUS P6X58D
      $230 on Newegg

                  TOTAL PRICE FOR GUTS-  $1,349

      Add'l questions:
          -Any way to come down on the RAM price but keep speed and reliability?



      areca ARC-1222 PCIe x8
      $400 on Newegg

      WD Caviar Black WD6402AAEX 640GB
      $80 on Newegg

      SCRATCH & CACHE "WRITE" DRIVES- (2) WD Caviar Black WD1501FASS 1.5TB in RAID 0
      $220 on Newegg

      - Western Digital Caviar Black WD1002FAEX 1TB
      $100 on Newegg

      MEDIA & PROJECT FILE "READ" DRIVE-(6)Western Digital Caviar Blue WD3200AAKS 320GB in RAID3
      $300 on Newegg

                  TOTAL PRICE FOR DRIVE SETUP-  $1,100

      Add'l questions:
          -Haarm sings the praises of areca controller cards, and RAID 3 is an attractive option for my Media storage.  But I can't afford to spend $700 or more on a RAID card.  If I skip the RAID card altogether, and use the MOBO's on-board RAID capabilities, I'll be sapping juice from the CPU.  Can anyone recommend a good mid-level RAID card for smaller arrays?  Is the money spent facilitating the RAID worth the gained performance, without going balls-to-the-wall with a $1200 card?
          -Does my drive setup make sense?  Can I save money either by going for cheaper drives, or by simplifying the entire setup?



      Antec Twelve Hundred Black Steel Case
      $150 on Newegg

      CORSAIR CMPSU-850TX 850W ATX12V 2.2 / EPS12V 2.91
      $130 on Newegg

      $155 on Newegg

      Add'l questions:
             -I picked the UPS and PSU pretty much based on price.  Did I make OK choices?  Could I afford to cut some of the budget in this area?

                  TOTAL PRICE FOR CASE AND POWER-  $435



      Thermalright TRUE Black 120Rev.C CPU Cooler
      $60 on Newegg

      Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound
      $10 on Newegg

      (6) VANTEC ICEBERG DDR-A1C Heatsinks only
      $30 on Newegg

      ZALMAN VF900 – CU 2 Ball VGA Cooler
      $60 on Newegg

      (5) Scythe Gentle Typhoon 120mm 800rpm
      $90 on endpcnoise.com


      DRIVE COOLING- ????


                  TOTAL PRICE FOR SYSTEM COOLING-  $250


      Add'l questions:
             -I had planned on replacing the stock case fans that come with the Antec 1200 with some different "quiet" fans.  Is this going overboard?

              -Do I need individual fans for each hard drive, or am I better off getting a few larger fans to cover the entire drive area? 
              -Is the cooling system that I've put together here overkill, or sensible?


      MEDIA R/W

      BLU-RAY R/W-
      Pioneer BDR-205BKS Blu-Ray RW
      $200 on Newegg

      DVD R/W-
      $22 on Newegg

      MEDIA R/W-
      AFT XM-35U BLACK USB 2.0 Kiosk Card Reader
      $35 on Newegg

                  TOTAL PRICE FOR MEDIA R/W-  $257


      Add'l questions:
             -In the age of Vimeo, is a Blu-ray burner really necessary right now?


      HUMAN I/O

      MONITORS- (2) ASUS VH236H Black 23"
      $400 on Newegg


      $60 on Newegg

      Microsoft BlueTrack Explorer Mini Mouse
      $50 on Newegg

      Logitech Comfort Wave 450 Black 104 Normal Keys USB Wired Ergonomic Keyboard
      $40 on Newegg.com


      Adobe Premiere keyboard stickers
      $15 on editorskeys.com


                  TOTAL PRICE FOR HUMAN I/O-  $565


      Add'l questions:
             -Cheaper monitors that will get the job done?
        I picked these sort of randomly..
              -Can anyone recommend a cheaper mouse that they like?  Corded options are OK.
              -What kind of speakers do you have in your home office setup?  I don't really need professional Studio Monitor quality at this phase in my career.  Is it smarter to invest in a decent pair of headphones instead?


                            TOTAL PRICE OVERALL
      - $ 3,956


      A little about me /my needs and usage:

      I went to film school.  I'm not an editor per se, but I did a number of experimental compositing and animation projects, things that I'd like to resurrect, polish up, and put in my reel.  I also plan to use this machine to digest projects that are not yet shot.  With this machine, I'll be making the switch from Apple systems to PC.  

      Formats I'd like to be working with in the future:
      -Sony SxS cards (XDCAM EX)
      -Many flavors of DV video (DVCPROHD, DV, AVCHD, HDV)
      -HDSLR footage (native H.264-based streams)
      -Maybe RED footage?

      I've never built a computer by myself before, but I have friends that have, who can help me.  The components I've selected for this build were based mostly on advice I'd read in this forum, particularly Haarm's many guides for newbies like me  

      I do NOT need to be the fastest kid on the block, but I do want to build a reliable system the RIGHT WAY.  I don't want to be cheap about cooling.  For the HDD system, I want optimized data throughput that is structured in a sensible way. 

      Many thanks in advance to anyone who bothers to read even 1/2 of all that stuff, let alone anyone who makes helpful suggestions on how I can bring down the price of this system. 

      Talk soon!!


      -Leo K