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    Encoder Issues

    TheShamsMan Level 1

      Hey guys,


      So I'm making a video today and for some reason when exported into Encoder, a 2:30 video will take 50 minutes to complete at almost 600mb. It'll start out pretty fast (the thing shouldn't take more than 1:30 to complete and it final file size shouldn't be over 250mb, as per all the previous other videos I've made at the same length and quality), but after it has moved an inch, the "time remaining" countdown will start to increase and increase. 50 minutes later the video is done and over double in size.


      I has been updated to the latest version. The last video I made was not last weekend but the weekend before and I did not have this problem. Nothing has changed since then (including my PC set up/performance).


      Any ideas? Thanks!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Can you please tell us about your Project/Sequence Preset, your source footage, and your Export settings?


          Also, when something works one way on one day, but not on the next, then something has changed. The trick is to figure out what that is. Could be Project, source footage, Export settings, a slowdown because an OS hot-fix messed up the video driver, etc.


          Good luck,



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            TheShamsMan Level 1

            Hey Bill,


            Sorry. I forgot the most important part.


            Source footage is an .mts file from my camera. Same as all previous.


            The export settings are always either the MPEG2 1080p defaut or the H264 HD 1080p.


            I was having some audio issues with movie playback so I download k-lite codec pack  (solved my problem). Could this be causing the problem?

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              jabloomf1230 Level 1

              That's pretty much what you will find with so-called codec packs. You'll fix a problem and often create new ones when you install a codec pack. Why is this so? Each codec and filter has it's own merit, which is the priority that the OS and multimedia software use to resolve conflicts, when more than one codec or filter can potentially be used for a task.


              Let's say that you have one MPEG-2 codec installed and you install a codec pack that installs a second MPEG-2 codec. The MPEG-2 codec that has the higher filter merit will be used. Not all codecs and filters are created equal. Some have bugs. Others have limitations. You may never figure out what's going on, unless you also have a codec "appliance" (Some common ones are Filmerit, GSpot, Microsoft GraphEdt, InstalledCodecs and RadLight Filter Manager)  that shows you:

              1. All the codecs and filters installed,
              2. their merits and
              3. A filter graph showing how a specific multimedia file is being rendered.


              What's worse, some freeware codec packs don't properly uninstall and sometimes you are left with a permanent "mess" that is difficult to clean up.

              Your problem may not be with the codec pack, but that be the first place that I would look.

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                TheShamsMan Level 1

                Uninstalled, rebooted. It made no difference.


                I checked my hardware and everything is working fine. Same video drivers as before (up to date). Temperature monitored.


                Any other ideas?

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                  Jim_Simon Level 9

                  The only two things which significantly affect file size are bitrate and duration.  If previous exports have been smaller, that suggests this one is either longer, is using a higher bitrate, or both.

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                    TheShamsMan Level 1

                    Does anyone know if downgrading is possible with Encoder? What about an alternative to Encoder?


                    I'm starting to feel more and more like it may be the video specifically. After waiting 1 hour for the 2:50 video clip to Encode, I've decided to go ahead and upload the 600mb file on YouTube, and I'm getting the below message for the first time. I'm not sure if it's the video or something YouTube has changed.


                    Any ideas?



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                      Jim_Simon Level 9

                      What does "this article" say about it?

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                        TheShamsMan Level 1



                        It offers nothing new. I use the default H264 1080p settings and it has always been what I used and I've never had a problem. This morning, after many hours of uploading that video, it failed on YouTube. I'm trying it again, with the same message.