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    Remote Objects and IUID

      According to Adobe Livedocs and the Flex Help:
      When Flex creates a UID for an object, such as an item in an ArrayCollection, it adds the UID as an mx_internal_uid property of the item. Flex creates mx_internal_uid properties for any objects that are dynamic and do not have bindable properties. To avoid having Flex create mx_internal_uid properties, the object class should do any of the following things: have at least one property with a [Bindable] metadata tag, implement the IUID interface, or have a uid property with a value.

      In my mxml file, I use a FOR() loop and reference the same object twice (object created from a PHP remote object). Because of this, Flex creates the mx_internal_uid property and prohibits me from referencing any attributes of the object.

      The object is already [Bindable]. Still it refers to the mx_internal_uid.
      I've set the object.uid property and still it refers to the mx_internal_uid.

      What am I doing wrong?