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    Images loading order & thumbnail pointing corresponding image directly

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      May i ask 2 questions here.


      1) If you can click this link http://www.prashanthvfx.com/Concepts&Imaginery.html, you can see that all my 14 drawings that had been lined up one after the other, are trying to load at the same time. Is there any way to prioritize, by which the 1st image loads first and 2nd image loads second and so on.


      2) If you can click this link http://www.prashanthvfx.com/art.html , you can find under "Concepts & Imaginary", i had displayed 14 thumbnails for the above link. All the images are linked to the above webpage (14 bigger images). Now, if you click on any thumbnail, it will open the link were all 14 bigger images are displayed from the starting. My question here is, can we device a way, by which if first if we click each image, it will point to the corresponding bigger image on the http://www.prashanthvfx.com/Concepts&Imaginery.html.


      Meaning, if i click on the last thumbnail "Keep city Clean", it will open and directly point to the last image on the linked webpage, by pushing the vertical scroll bar all the way down, were the corresponding bigger image is displayed.


      Kind note: i'm an artist and posting my work on my website. So, i really appreciate your answers.


      Thanking you,