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    Geting info from dragSource item.

      Hi All
      First, I would like to say that I LOVE FLEX , congratulation!!!

      My question is:

      I have a TileList fed by ArrayCollection full of product object. All products are draggable to the Canvas with DragManager. My problem is that i cant retirve any inforamtion from draged Item like productID, productName. I was trying to use event.dragSource ....... but without luck. I dont know from where i need to pass the parameter to the doDragDrop function.


      <mx:TileList dragEnabled="true" height="300" width="320" dataProvider="{wardrobe}" itemRenderer="views.product" rowCount="3" right="10" top="30" columnWidth="100" rowHeight="100" columnCount="3" >

      Tank you for your help.