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    character problem


      hi everyone


      in my air application  I  running query trough  sqlite but when I use like syntax  there is problem with turkısh  characters an example of query


      My table is like above


      id (INTEGER)               |  tur  (TEXT)
      1                                |  ŞEFTALİ    -PEACH


      2                                | şeftali         -peach


      3                                 | İNCİR          -FIG


      4                                | incir            -fig


      select * from meyve where tur like '%Ş%' ;

      this  query makes only one record but two records should come , the records  coming İS "ŞEFTALİ" the other records
      which is written in lowercase  "şeftali" do not come


      select * from meyve where tur like  '%ş%' ; here "şeftali" which is lowercase  return , same case happen all 
      lower and upper turkish characters (ÖÇŞÜĞİ öçşüği) in air  applicaiton  data input is made  insert.... values ("ŞEFTALİ").
      How I  can solve this problem .


      Thanks  in adanvance .