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    Need help uploading the website onto the internet

    Sylviee223 Level 1

      Okay, so I am a total newbie but I somehow found a way to create a website using flash catalyst!

      Now I'm a tad stuck... how do I get it onto the internet as a full fledge website?

      My sister purchased the domain name and web host... I'm guessing theres a box to paste the html?

      But catalyst doesn't come with html. How do I export/publish my website?

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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Hi Sylviee,


          In Catalyst, Choose "Publish to SWF/AIR" from the File menu.  Choose a folder on your local computer to save the published content, then press Ok.  When you're done, go to that folder and then go into the "deploy-to-web" subfolder within it.  Upload all of these files to your web server, then just visit your website and browse to the Main.html file!


          (Note: before uploading, you can optionally rename Main.html to something else, e.g. index.html or portfolio.html or whatever.  As long as you only rename the .html file, and not the .swf file, it should still work fine).


          - Peter