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    Failed to create process mutex again?


      Hi guys


      I want to configure the FMS to use the files from network folder like \\server_name\folder1

      As I can understand from doc, the FMS service must run under DOMAIN account instead of Local system.

      The FMS 3.5 is installed on Windows 2003 Server. When I change server Logon As DOMAIN\User1 in the Service properties and

      trying to start service, it raises an error: "Failed to create process mutex".


      DOMAIN\User1 is in the local administrator group. No problems with access to file system.


      Do you have any idea why this error happens?

      I have configured the FMSHttpd service and it works fine.


      Thanks in advance for your help 

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          SE_0208 Adobe Employee

          Check messages from this post:

          http://forums.adobe.com/thread/621443?tstart=60 - it might be helpful for you to resolve the issue. Try out steps mentioned in messages of this post and see if it works.

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            vladnech@yahoo.com Level 1

            Thanks for your reply.

            I think it is helpful discussion, but it will not work for me


            1. Guys tried to configure the FMS to use mapped drive - it is not good, as for me, because mapped drive is session depended. It means, user must be logged in to use mapped drive. That's why console mode helped him.


            2. I have not started to play with configuration. The only thing I want to do to run FMS service under special account - not Local System. But service fails to start on any account - event Network Administrator. Does anybody have an idea why?



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              SE_0208 Adobe Employee

              You usually get the "Failed to create process mutex" error message when user FMS running under does not have enough write permissions. Can you just cross check if you really have write permissions on file system.

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                vladnech@yahoo.com Level 1

                Thanks for your answer.


                As I said in my first post - I have added domain user into local Administrators Group.

                I can login by Remote client into this machine, using this user.

                I can go into C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flash Media Server 3.5 and create, edit, delete files (I used to work with new dummy txt files) inside this folder and subfolder.

                Just for any case, I have added this user with full permission on C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flash Media Server 3.5 folder.

                It still does not work.

                Is there any specific folder or files I have to check?



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                  Asa - FMS Adobe Employee

                  Okie doke,  no one's really going to be happy as a result of this post - so I may as well get to the bad news


                  FMS on Windows isn't actively tested to change users safely


                  We don't advertise this behavior for just about this reason, which is that permissions for Windows users are tricky and FMS has a lot of moving pieces.  One of them in this case is the ability to create a named system Mutex.  You can find some info about that here  http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms682411(VS.85).aspx - it's going to be hard for you to be certain of what's going wrong because that error is particularly vague at the moment.


                  I can't open a bug on this right now because that's not a supported behavior and my role here is to let know that we should look for solutions that don't involve changing the installed FMS user right now.  I'm aware of how unideal that is, and we're working on it for next version - but it's not a simple thing as you're encountering and it's not there and ready yet.


                  We will want to fix the docs operation for this and go another route to the solution.  If you can send me a link to where in the docs this is advised and we'll work with docs to point out that this is currently infeasible.  Ping me awhilloc@adobe.com offlist and we can see if there's a way to achieve what you want anyway - but changing user on FMS isn't the right one for the moment.



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                    vladnech@yahoo.com Level 1

                    Hi Asa


                    Thanks for your answer.

                    Bad news are good news - at least I know what is going on.


                    But I am pretty sure it is a bug. Probably, in the passing parameters into the CreateMutex function.

                    The funny thing, FMSHttpd works under DOMAIN account, but FMS does not.

                    I hope you can raise an issue for the next version of FMS.


                    The problem is that in the Enterprise network we have to store data files on the Network Access Storage. In this case we will be able not worry where to install FMS.


                    For now, we have to put all files onto the server, where FMS is installed. Not good....


                    Anyway, Thanks for you answer. And hope your team will fix this issue.

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                      vibsgupta Level 1

                      I face this error only when I try to run the service as an Administrator !!!

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                        vibsgupta Level 1

                        Even after two years of raising this problem I'm still unable to solve the error for Network Drivers.


                        One option that I did have is for Mapping through SAN which simulates the SAN's Partition as a local drive. Its working fine in that case but thats not a feasible solution for small business as SAN Costs high.


                        I'm very much disappointed from Flash Media Server for such a consistent bug from a long time now!