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    Fullscreen script - conflict on Mac




      I am developing a website completely on Flash, it has an option for Fullscreen as well as keyboard navigation to switch between slides.

      On windows, when i do fullscreen, everything works fine. On Mac machines, after full-screen the keyboard navigation script stops working.



      This is the script i am using for keyboard action

      Is there any particular script for Macs too ?


      on (keyPress "<Right>") {


      Any help would be highly appreciable.




      Nitin Garg

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          Rothrock Level 5

          My guess is that you have different versions of the flash plugin installed on the different computers. Originally Flash blocked all keyboard input when in full-screen mode to prevent using it to trick people into revealing passwords, etc. In a more recent update of the player they added support for the basic naviagation keys and a couple of others.


          I don't know exactly at which update number the features changed.


          BTW, if you really want to improve your coding, stop using on (event) style codeing. That went out with the introduction of Flash 6 in 2002.


          Look up how to use a key listener. It will help in the long run.