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    ACR 6.1 Final release - STILL WON´T INSTALL!

    wurre Level 1

      PS gives message that CameraRaw 6.1 is avaiable, and there´s also an update for Bridge.


      BUT THE UPDATE WON´T INSTALL, claiming another instance of Update is running. But there is no other instance running!!!


      I´ve checked over and again, I´ve rebooted, I´ve searched and cleaned the registry, I´ve disabled all update services for other software and so on - and the damn thing still won´t install on my Windows Vista 32bit machine!


      Uninstall CS5 and re-install? Don´t think so! I have the update version and have uninstalled previous versions so in order to re-install CS5 I´d have to install CS4 first (provided I can even find the proper key...) and then install CS5 and uninstall CS4 again and spend a couple of hours manually going through the registry to delete entries that haven´t been cleaned up and then hope the problem would be solved?




      Adobe fix this or send my money back!

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