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    How much can I do in Dreamweaver?



      I'm afraid I'm a newbie at this. Sorry in advance if I seem very ignorant/my questions seem stupid.   I'm hoping someone can advise me.    I have started building a simple,small, limited-interest website using Dreamweaver CS4 (hosted by FutureQuest which includes MySQl database option).  I don't envisage more than a few thousand members absolute max and probably less than 1000. I am a school teacher not a programmer but I am an amateur programmer in Actionscript and have done a similar amount in Javascript. I would like ideally:


      1. users to register and login as members so that I can email announcements of new resources. I think they will need their own passwords.
      2. most resources free, but a small number of 'premium' resources accessible to members for fixed period (eg 12 months) on payment of nominal fee (eg, $1 per resource). This way I hope to fund the upkeep and set up costs of the site as I do not want advertising. I don't want to ask people to pay an annual subscription fee (as I think this is off-putting) but just pay to use what they want/can afford.  Each 'premium' resource would be something like an educational game/tutorial. I am not sure whether a shopping cart is appropriate as I would not be sending something physical through the post and people would not be downloading but paying for online access for a fixed 12 month period after which it would expire.

      I would really appreciate any suggestions/advice on:

      • which bits I can do in Dreamweaver
      • which bits I need to use another application/software/package/etc for - any recommendations (I've heard of Joomla!, for example, but it seems like an alternative to Dreamweaver rather than something that can be used in conjunction with it)
      • suggestions/advice on best approach for number 2. above

      Thanks in advance for any help, suggestions or advice.