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    How much can I do in Dreamweaver?



      I'm afraid I'm a newbie at this. Sorry in advance if I seem very ignorant/my questions seem stupid.   I'm hoping someone can advise me.    I have started building a simple,small, limited-interest website using Dreamweaver CS4 (hosted by FutureQuest which includes MySQl database option).  I don't envisage more than a few thousand members absolute max and probably less than 1000. I am a school teacher not a programmer but I am an amateur programmer in Actionscript and have done a similar amount in Javascript. I would like ideally:


      1. users to register and login as members so that I can email announcements of new resources. I think they will need their own passwords.
      2. most resources free, but a small number of 'premium' resources accessible to members for fixed period (eg 12 months) on payment of nominal fee (eg, $1 per resource). This way I hope to fund the upkeep and set up costs of the site as I do not want advertising. I don't want to ask people to pay an annual subscription fee (as I think this is off-putting) but just pay to use what they want/can afford.  Each 'premium' resource would be something like an educational game/tutorial. I am not sure whether a shopping cart is appropriate as I would not be sending something physical through the post and people would not be downloading but paying for online access for a fixed 12 month period after which it would expire.

      I would really appreciate any suggestions/advice on:

      • which bits I can do in Dreamweaver
      • which bits I need to use another application/software/package/etc for - any recommendations (I've heard of Joomla!, for example, but it seems like an alternative to Dreamweaver rather than something that can be used in conjunction with it)
      • suggestions/advice on best approach for number 2. above

      Thanks in advance for any help, suggestions or advice.

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          pziecina Level 6



          You can do all this in dreamweaver.


          For no. 2 you will need experience in php and sql in order to do this, see - http://www.adobe.com/devnet/dreamweaver/application_development.html.


          You will require some sort of payment gateway to collect your subscription fee, and for instant access to the content this would mean using one that has 'instant payment notification, (IPN)'. Paypal does offer this service as standard but the integration will require some knowledge of such things.


          I would suggest that you start by learning the basics of using server-side code with a database, and once you are o/k with this then learn how to restrict access to pages dependant upon the users item(s) payment, (this is not much different to restricting user access to the admin section of a site, or only designated sections according to the access privileges).




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            Louon Level 1


            Thanks for the advice - that's really helpful - I will look into that.  How secure is the password facility in Dreamweaver? - or does that depend on the server security (I know FutureQuest has SpamAssassin)?  Are there ways of increasing security when gathering user data such as email addresses - this is what I'm worried about?