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    Profiling large applications

    ezfira Level 1



      We're developing a large scale application using Flex 3 on FB4.


      The application is running on a server and there's no problem launching the debugger or profiler to http://localhost:8080/...


      The problem is that the profiler is VERY shaky. It takes very long time for anything to happen and after several steps the browser/eclipse just crash, usually with 'OutOfMemory' exceptions. In other cases it just hangs on basic operations such as taking a memory snapshot.

      The problems severity change based on the browser I'm using (IE, FF, Chrome, Opera, Safari) but in general I experience the same behavior in all of them.


      I'm running Win XP (SP3).


      Has anyone encountered such behavior? Is there an optimal configuration for the browser/eclipse?


      The profiler is a great tool and when used properly generates a lot of value but it looks like large scale applications (which needs it the most) are unable to use it to improve their performance and memory consumption.