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    Include LineChart as MediaElement

    Gaetan S



      I wish to insert a Chart as a mediaelement in an OSMF composition, ie, being able to controle the state of the chart according to the current playback. There are ways to include video, audio, image an even external SWF, but not for a Chart, or aggregation of a Chart, a legend and others uicomponent into a Vbox, for instance. This custom composition will have CURRENT_TIME_CHANGE event listener in order to reflect the current playback position.


      How can I do this?


      Thank you.


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          bringrags Level 4

          If I were trying to build this, I would create a ChartElement which extends LoadableElementBase, and which adds a DisplayObjectTrait whose DisplayObject is the chart to display.  I would then wrap the ChartElement in a DurationElement, and specify the duration that you want to display the chart.  DurationElement provides the logic you'd need for expressing duration and current time, playing, pausing, seeking, etc.