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    French Characters in Robohelp 8


      I upgraded from Robohelp 5 to 8 recently. When I used RH5

      my generated files replaced all my french characters with an underscore, this worked for the developers who uploaded the SSL files to the java oracle 2 server.


      Using RH8, it no longer converts the french characters to underscores. But my developers can not upload the project with the french characters and are asking from them to be converted to underscores.


      Has anyone encountered this, and if so, what is the fix.


      I see the only option is to rename each file name and manually replace the french characters with underscores, while the topic title keeps the french characters. As well, I'd have to replace french characters in each folder name in the project and ensure that the TOC inlcuded the french characters so when deployed users would see the french.


      Does anyone else have a better suggestion than what I have come up with.


      I understand that once you convert projects up to 8.0 you can't go back to 5.0, otherwise I might be able to generate using 5.0


      Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.



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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional



          I did reply to your offline contact suggesting some screenshots would help. Where exactly are these changes made?


          See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips



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            sadang Level 1



            I'm been a very busy bee on the phone with Adobe Support trying to get this question fixed and the problem with my not being able to access the forum, at least the forum problem was solved.


            On to my other problem. Here is a screen shot of the topic properties box, I'm not sure what other screen shots you'd like to see. In RH 5.0, the File names automatically removed the french characters and replaced them with underscores. In RH8.0 they leave the french characters (I've replaced them manually in this screen shot.


            When I delivered my SSL files to our developers, they require the file names to have underscores. My question remains is there a better process than renaming each File Name in each topic, as well as folder names. Adobe did tell me to publish my project using 5.0, but that I may lose some files. I was under the impression was a project was loaded into 8.0 that you couldn't re-open in 5.0 - Adboe says no, but again I may lose data?



            RH 8 Topic properties.png