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    Advice for a User Bailing on Matrox LE to Use CS5

    FelixUnderwood Level 2

      Okay, here's my deal: I edit primarily HD TV commercials with the Matrox Axio LE. I cannot upgrade to CS5 with the Matrox installed until this Fall, at the earliest (that's when Matrox plans to have drivers for CS5). The only benefit that I can think of right now to using the Matrox is it allows component output to an external monitor. If I lose this, I'd rather wait until this Fall and continue using the Axio LE (which is now over 4 years old in technology!). My question is this: I'll be building a new computer for CS5. If I get, say, the GTX480, does it have an output that will give me external monitoring capability, even if I'm willing to forego the MPE route? If not, any suggestions for gaining external monitoring output with CS5? I'm ready to roll when this last fly in the ointment is removed!