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    How can I get start page to access my RH projects?


      I am using RH8 and IE7.


      I have a start page that is just an html page, not created in Robohelp. it's basically a table of contents linking to about 10 RH projects.

      I create my RH projects and put them in the same folder but each project has it's own sub folder. The structure looks like this:




      I put my starting page in this folder (not created in RH):



      When I create the links from my main page to the projects, everything works fine on my computer.


      I take the whole RHGen82 folder and put it on the C drive of another computer. It doesn't work. The link changes to ../RHGen82/newproject/project1.htm and I think that should work, but it doesn't.


      I have read your Calling Webhelp using URLs and think that may have my answer but I don't understand what I'm reading. Can you shed a little light?


      Yes, we could have used merge projects but that's not what management wants.


      Any help is gratefully appreciated.


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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi Pat.


          With your existing directpry structure the links would have to be:





          This is because the projects are located outside of the directory structure of your start page. If you were to use the following directory structure:






          you'd be able to just use the link syntax:






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            lovejoyp Level 1

            Thank you so much for the suggestion. It worked beautifully. The forum saved me again.

            I had to move things around and fix links but everything is as the boss wants it, or almost everything.

            Sorry I didn't get back to you before this. I was busy fixing things.