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    You are viewing this document as a PDF/A




      We want to set a administrative form on our website. Our clients can fill this form on their computer, then print it and send it to us by the post or via a web application.


      To do this, I have a word documents with fields.


      Using Adobe Acrobat Pro 9, I convert it into a PDF standard (not PDF/A I insist on this).


      Then I edit with Adobe Designer the fields so those can fill in.


      My problem is when I open the PDF into my navigator (IE or Firefox) or on my local computer with Adobe Reader 9, Reader writes "You are viewing this document as a PDF/A".


      1) When I check, this document is NOT a PDF/A document.


      2) To can fill in the PDF, I have to open Adobe Reader, go in Preferences > Documents > PDF/A view mode >

      NEVER. But our clients can't do this before fill in the document. How is it possible ? Is there a problem with this option in Adobe Reader ?


      How is it possible that Reader shows in PDF/A mode a document that is not a PDF/A file ?


      Thanks for your help