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    Using variables inside and outside of RoboHelp


      We are using RoboHelp 7 HTML - I am in need of a single data source that can not only display the current values on a RoboHelp page, but can also be utilized as input into specific web applications.


      For example: we currently have a RoboHelp page that lists the applicable fee for each service we provide...I am looking to employ a single source - whether the file lives within RoboHelp or outside of it does not matter to me at this point - that can be updated once, for display on our RoboHelp "fees" page and also be referenced by our service system to dynamically apply the correct (and most current) fee for each entered request.


      I've been reading about the User-defined variable feature of RH7, and I'm wondering if:

      a) this variable "translation" table is published out in a location (when the regular RH output is published) that our service system can access and utilize (this would be my preferred option, since it would leave the responsibility of the fee updating process where it currently lies - in the hands of the documentation folks).


      b) a separate reference table can be created by our development staff to contain the appropriate fee data for reference by the service system, and also display on the appropriate RoboHelp "fees" page.


      Any information you can provide would be most helpful. Thank you in advance for all comments and feedback!



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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          The easiest way may be adding a link to an external html page. The development staff maintains the content, all you have to do is keep the link working. If you put everything in variables, you'll probably end up with a huge number of variables, making it harder to use them in your regular topics.


          Alternatively, you can also let the development staff maintain the page. Since the past the page to a specific directory, you can also add a dummy (baggage) file. Whenever the help is published the file is copied into the output. Whenever development publishes the file, the dummy get overwritten.






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