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    how to link and autoplay this swf file?

      hello guys
      well we've been given a Flash homework from school. i've basically done a step preloader, and it preloads all other swf files well. the problem is we are supposed to preload this file called kerplunk.swf downloadable from this site kerplunk.swf

      when you play the file, the standalone Flash 8 player opens up and is stuck on frame 1. you have to click the menu, Control and then Play before it actually plays. is this normal for swf files?

      back to my Flash assignment. when i preload this into an empty movie clip, called "empty_mc", it is just stuck on frame one. and won't play at all! it is so frustrating! is there some magical code that will get this file to play? can you guys try to at least link to it and get it to play?if you can help me i will be forever grateful! thanks

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          shurleynova Level 1
          If you have access to the source fla you could see if there may be a stop(); action on the first frame.
          That would be the only way to get it to autoplay as a stand alone, but if you embed it in an html page in Dreamweaver you will notice a checkbox on the properties bar that says AutoPlay.

          and as far as being normal for swf files , that depends squarely on whether or not the person who made the file intended it to be activated by the user or ran automatically.