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    Forcing browser to show scroll bars


      Hi all!


      Random question for something I've been asked to do with a Flex project that I've been given to maintain and improve and would really appreciate some help please.


      The problem is that when a popups is displayed from within the flex application in a browser and the popup size exceeds that of the width and height of the browser there are no scrollbars in the browser to reflect this. I've been banging my head for a few hours now to get it working to no avail.


      Is this even possible and or how is it possible?


      Many thanks,


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          Ærth Level 1

          After a bit of digging I've bene able to force the browser to display the scrollbars; however because the popup exceeds the canvas size of the Flex client the popup is still not being displayed properly and parts are being cut off... Is there anyway to force the flex client to display it's scroll bars if a popup exceeds the canvas size?