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    How to select nothing with V2 components in SWF

    Rothrock Level 5

      I've got some dynamic text fields that have tabindex properties on stage.


      There are some V2 components in the swf as well, so there is an instance of the FocusManager running.


      I've got a pause button that I use to pause the playback of some other animations that are playing.


      When I click the pause button I would like to have the focus go away from text entry fields (if they have it).


      Is there a way to tell the FocusManager that nothing should have focus?





      None of those work.


      There is also an off-stage dummy text field that is used to capture focus for some other stuff in this file, but that doesn't work either.


      The content that gets paused is variable and could have all kinds of designs and layouts, so having it respond to some kind of pause event is out. I need it not to be aware of the pause state. I just need the pause state to grab focus.