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    PPBM4 testing

    Baz R Level 3

      test run on my new build.


      still have a bit of fine tunning todo.


      STUDIO NORTH UK,   Personal or Computer ID
      ASUS,  Computer Manufacturer
      P6T 7 WS SUPERCOMPUTER,   Computer Model
      12.7,  secs Total Benchmark Time
      5.1,  secs AVI  Encoding Time
      5.6,  secs MPEG Elapsed Time
      2,  secs Rendering Time
      INTEL,    CPU Manufacturer
      I7-920,    CPU Model
      4.2GHZ,    GHz CPU speed
      4,    Number of CPU chips
      8,    Total Number of Cores
      12,    GB RAM
      CS5,    APP Version PPBM4 DV
      WIN 7 64,    OSVersion
      SATA,    OS Disk Interface
      150GB,    GB OS Disk Capacity
      10000,    OS Disk Speed
      SATA,    Project Disk Interface
      8 X 1TB R3,    GB Project Disk Capacity
      7200,    Project Disk Speed
      ,    Preview Disk Interface
      ,    GB Preview Disk Capacity
      ,    Preview Disk Speed
      ,    Output Disk Interface
      ,    GB Output Disk Capacity
      ,    Output Disk Speed
      ASUS GTX 480,    Graphics Board
      TESTING,    Comment

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Congrats on your new 1-st place. You beat me.


          Your results are now on line.

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            Baz R Level 3

            I would just like to give a big thank you to Harm, for all his help and recomendations on parts & how to setup my build. without his help this would not have been possible.



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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Did you check your mail, and you know how to express your gratitude.

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                Baz R Level 3

                yes harm, will be in touch very soon,



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                  rowby Level 1

                  Hi Harm / Bill and others,


                  Looking at this set up, can you provide how upgradable the whole package is.  So if I got a similar setup I would know what could be added to it in the future how it could be improved -- and, if you have some thoughts, what limits the setup as compared to another set up -- using for example a different motherboard.  This would of course be for CS5.




                  Or perhaps this should be a different thread??





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                    Baz R Level 3



                    Rowby This is my current setup so far, I am still fine tunning the raid setups. and waiting for the 4gb ram for the raid card. and faster ddr 3 memory.


                    the system is still expandable for future upgrading on this mobo. As i could expand to 24gb Ram, better CPU.even (xeon)  and 4x more HD.


                    it all depends on budget.


                    I have a xeon cpu i am going to try, and see how that works.  and also a quadro fx5800.


                    its all about getting the right parts that work good together.




                    1x  Coolermaster Cosmos S with 5 Extra Fans

                    1x Coolermaster 1000w PSU  Modular

                    1x intel i7-920 (OC 4.2 GHZ)

                    1xNoctua NH-14D Cpu Cooler

                    1x Asus P6T 7 WS Supercomputer

                    6x 2gb DDR3 OCZ GOLD (12gb)

                    1x Asus GTX 480

                    3x Chembro SK355 5 Bay Sata enclosure

                    1x  Pioneer BLu Ray Writer

                    1x Areca 1680 ix Raid Controller 16 port

                    8x Samung f3 1tb (Raid 3)  media/projects

                    1x Samsung f3 1tb (Music/Effects)

                    1x WD 150gb  10k OS/Programs

                    4x Samsung f3 1tb (Riad 3) Exports/Encore

                    2x Samung  f3 1tb Raid 0 Pagefile/temp/ & General stuff.


                    The raid setup is not final, still testing whats best for performance.



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                      Druyan Level 1

                      Congratulations, Baz!  (I'm sure Harm is busy working...)


                      I've been setting up a similar system, but I have not decided on my OS disc yet-- are you happy with the 150GB WD Raptor for this?

                      Do you have a lot of programs loaded?


                      I'm going to get a Raptor for sure, but I'm getting the ASUS Rampage III Extreme MB, which supports SATA 3 6Gb/s, and I'm deciding whether I want to go with the SATA 2 or the SATA 3 Raptor.

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                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                        Go for the new Velociraptor, because of SATA3 support and the 32 MB cache. It is noticable faster than the older Velociraptors, even if connected on a SATA2 connection.

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                          Baz R Level 3

                          Hi, Druyan


                          Thank you, still in progress. expecting even better results.


                          I am happy with the single velocirptor, as i only use my PC for edditing and all i have installed is the CS5 production premium. I did try a Raid 0 with 2x velociraptor, it was faster. i decided a single was good enough.


                          Sata 3 is a good choice.


                          I am waiting for the new areca raid card to go into my next build 1880ix sata 3, dual cpu xeon. ? and possible evga sr2 mobo. so i can over clock the xeon cpu's.


                          I have most of the parts already, just going to change a few bits.


                          Hope your build goes well.



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                            Harm Millaard Level 7



                            I would be curious to see how you fare in comparison to my installation:


                            3-6-2010 12-23-12.jpg


                            Mind you, I have Audition 4.0 (CS5) installed as well.

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                              Baz R Level 3



                              attached image for you.





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                                Harm Millaard Level 7

                                Thanks Baz,


                                It shows that the space requirements for PP CS5 are not heavily impacted by the 2,000+ files and 1,600+ directories of superfluous material installed by default. Only 50 to 100 MB to be regained as a rough estimate.

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                                  Baz R Level 3

                                  no problem harm, glad i could be of isistance.



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                                    Baz R Level 3

                                    image of my Build.

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                                      ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                                      Hehe I would like to see how far you could overclock the 980X on that setup. So far I haven't gotten anything stable above 4.3GHz but the heat did not stop me. I was still under the Vcore limit set by Intel for that cpu. It was simply the CPU could not remain stable was all. BTW the Xeon would not be an upgrade unless you ran 2 and even then it would be hard to beat the 980X overclocked over 4GHz unless you got them over 4 GHz. Would love to get my hands on that EVGA board but we have been unable to find one in stock.

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                                        Baz R Level 3





                                        Can you do a Cinebench R10 and upload a image of the results. should be able to get 4.4 GHZ on Air.


                                        as for xeon i have 2x and am waiting for a OC mobo to benifit any major performance. eg: evga sr2. and i wont have to push past 4 ghz for good results.




                                        also i am not comparing my setup against any other, i am just stating what my next upgrade could be.


                                        I will upload my results of my £200 i7-920 later today. it does pretty good (price vs performance).


                                        good luck with your setup.



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                                          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                                          Well with Cinebench, the Dual 6 Core Xeon might very well show improvement over the 980X because the test is like most 3D applications. Each Core handles a section of the render. This makes cores more important than GHz. In CS5 though and other video editing applications the GHz has been shown to outweigh cores once you get past so many cores. Right now the 980X with the 12 logical cores is significantly outperforming the Dual Xeon 24 Core setups even with the 980X at stock speed. When you over clock the 980X to atleast 4GHz, it's really out performing the Xeons. I was just simply trying to advise you that the 980X may be a better upgrade than the Dual Xeons depending on your work. If your working with nothing but 3D applications then the Dual Xeon wins. If your working with Videoediting applications like Premiere then I am afraid the 980X currently is winning.


                                          I still have the test unit with the 980 up and running at 4.0GHz. I have tried many times to push it higher than 4.3GHz but I can't even pushing the Vcore above Intel specs. This particular 980X is just not stable above that. I will run Cinebench 10 and upload as soon as I can. I have to finish fixing this new system having issues first.

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                                            Baz R Level 3

                                            if you dont mind can you PM your OC details, and i will get my PC Geek to check over them.


                                            the price for the 980x and the amount of performance gain is not worth it at the moment.



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                                              Druyan Level 1

                                              Thanks, Harm... I was leaning toward the SATA3 Velociraptor, so you helped push me in the right direction!

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                                                Druyan Level 1

                                                Thanks, Baz... I also was debating on the RAID 0 2x velociraptors, but I think I will try just the single as well for the OS-- like you say, I'm sure it will be good enough.   I'm sure it's more important to have that RAID 0 as my scratch/pagefile/temp disc.





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                                                  Druyan Level 1

                                                  Post-Script:  Baz, just don't blow yourself up!!

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                                                    Harm Millaard Level 7



                                                    Sorry to disappoint you, but I regained top position. Can't tell you how I did it, but it is a serious improvement.


                                                    Contact me about my mail to you.

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                                                      Baz R Level 3

                                                      No problems Harm,


                                                      I will be back.





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                                                        A little off topic, but where o where did you get Audition 4?  Am I that far out of the loop?

                                                        • 25. Re: PPBM4 testing
                                                          Harm Millaard Level 7

                                                          It is the beta.