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    need help setting up cfbuilder project and svn...


      I have installed cfbuilder, coldfusion 8 w/jrun, and iis webserver (xp) onto my local machine.

      I have also done the one-click setup with subversion and Tortoisesvn.


      I added all my datasources to cf admin with no problems.  I am able to view the application and no errors.


      I am now trying to set up my files/project in the webroot to be backed up in the svn.


      webroot is like this:



      svn is like this:



      I checked all my files into svn by doing an import from C:\inetpub\wwwroot\myproject


      Now my problem is this: I want to be able to check out files (with their default location as the webroot C:\inetpub\wwwroot\myproject), edit them in cfbuilder, then check them back in.


      I have tried to set up a cold fusion project but it puts it someplace else and when I edit the files they are edited there and the changes do not reflect in the webroot, ie  C:\inetpub\wwwroot\myproject


      I tried to put the actual coldfusion project right into my webroot but that didn't work either.  The changes reflect, but somehow I have not "check them out" so there is no choice to "check-in" or "check-out".  I did this by making a cf project in the webroot, and importing all my files from the svn, it worked (when I edit the files the change reflects in the webroot) but I don't seem to have them checked out of svn???


      Is there an easy way to set this up, it's only for one user, me?  I want to have a repository of my files that I can check out (INTO THE WEB ROOT), edit them, and check them back in using cfbuilder, cf8, and subversion svn.  This webroot is only a dev environment and I'm the only developer..and it's all running on my local machine.


      I'm just about ready to give up here as I have tried to set this thing up about 10 times already and I have been unsuccessful.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated, i'm about ready to go back to some other simple editor.

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          Abram Adams Level 1

          Hello Dave,


          question: why do you want to check out files?  SVN is not like MS SourceSafe or other check out/check in type repos.  You simply work on your local working copy (your C:\inetpub\wwwroot\myproject) then commit the changes to the repo it is tied to.


          When you setup your CFB project, uncheck the default location for your project and type in your "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\myproject" path.  This will create your project in that directory.  Then you can do the initial check out of the SVN repo into that directory and you've got a working copy.  Now when you edit a local file and invoke the svn commit you'll be committing those changes - no need to check out or check in.


          There are SVN plugins for Eclipse that you can do the commits to repo, update from repo, etc... directly from CFB, but I use TortoiseSVN (instead of eclipse plugin) just to make it a more concious effort to commit to the repo, otherwise it may get to easy for me to commit prematurely, or to not commit all modified files for a specific feature/bugfix.  (though git takes care of those issues, and I'm slowly being drawn that way for our dev environment...)


          Hope that helps.


          BTW, iis sucks.  install apache and you'll be happier