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    Rendering with transparency makes ugly edges


      Hello to everyone,

      This is my first post. Long time lurker who can't find an answer that

      fits this specific problem. I apologize if it has been answered. In the pic below,

      notice the edges. They look great on the stage, but I can't get the rendered .swf

      to look the same. Thanks for any ideas!



      Transparency problem in render.jpg

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          pikadon Level 1

          I'm answering this myself in case anyone has the same problem.

          Again, I did not find this answer.


          It's all about the pixel count. If the total width of an image is NOT divisible by 4, and total height by 3, Flash will render the object

          edges as if the alpha transparency is off, creating a "shift-like" effect that clips some edges and creates

          extensions on others. Maybe this is basic knowledge for most, but I sure didn't jump to it right away.


          Thus, I upped the total pixel width to reach the next likely number, in this case 144 X 135 pixels and I now

          have a beautiful render in my .swf object.