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    computeSpectrum areSoundsInaccessible firefox multiple tabs


      I am writing a simple visualisation for an mp3 player using SoundMixer.computeSpectrum


      I believe another forum describes the issue well:

      For example, if you have youtube open when trying to view a flash file  that uses computeSpectrum, it will fail because youtube did not grant  your domain access to get its sound info.  So instead of just returning  the byteArray for the sounds that it can access.

      It appears the only "solution" is to put  your computeSpectrum in a try/catch block (or use areSoundsInaccessable  method before calling computeSpectrum ) and simply notify the user that a  flash file in a different window is interfering with your sound  visualizations!


      It works fine in other browsers in multiple tabs (tested IE, Chrome)

      When I run my app in a single instance of firefox, it plays fine

      It also works fine when running locally (eg preview in HTML) even when I have another tab open streaming a youtube video


      My frustration is that I can have youtube and another flash player open in multiple tabs without this problem. It makes me think there is a way to get around this.


      Anyone have any suggestions, or has anyone encountered this problem?