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    How to make different forms available based on user responses


      I have created 4 fillable application forms in Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard. First time using this product.


      Boss wants a dynamic form, so that if a user answers Yes to a question in Form A, then Form B is automatically inserted into Form A for the user to complete. If they answer No, then they continue in Form A, until questions prompting them Yes/No for Form C and Yes/No for Form D.


      We believed that this might be possible if we upgraded to Acrobat Acrobat 9 Pro, with the LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2.1 bundled in.

      I have looked at Pro and can't figure it out, and I've looked at LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2.1 and am completely confused as it is so different.

      Saw a tutorial that said to go to Tools and use the Action Builder, but I don't have this option in my version. Not sure why?


      We want users to be able to use Reader to complete and save the form, and print it for mailing, emailing or faxing to us.


      Any guidance or suggestions, or advice on recommended books, tutorials, or training would be appreciated.


      We are in Ontario, Canada.