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    Testing server not set up correctly

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      Under Windows 7 (64-bit) I have installed XAMPP, which is on E:\xampp\.

      I have copied the website I want to work on from its location on another drive to E:\xampp\htdocs\website\.


      With a browser, I can view the site with http://localhost/website/.


      Dreamweaver CS5 tells me that there is dynamic content and I give it permission to discover the content.

      I am then told the site definition for the server is incorrect.


      So I probably have something misconfigured, but I haven't figured out what.



      Local site folder: E:\xampp\htdocs\website\

      Server name: Local testing server

      Connect using: Local/Network

      Server folder: E:\xampp\htdocs\

      Web URL: http://localhost/website\.

      Server model: PHP MySQL


      What am I doing wrong?



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          Can I ask which way you entered those settings, did you edit the site from the manage sites window, the only reason I ask is that for some reason it doesn't always seem to work when you do it that way.


          I had the same problem and I ended up deleting the server and then opening a file which has d-related files and then clicking on setup on the folowing info band that appears near the top of the window

          "Dynamically-realated files cannot be discovered becuase a testing server is not defined. Setup"


          As for your settings, they look ok, but so did mine, these are the settings I ended up using, which apart from the sub folder in xampp look identical to yours.


          Connect using: local/network

          server folder: c:\xampp\htdocs\

          web url: http://localhost/

          server model: php mysql


          The other thing to double check is that you have started apache in xampp, every so often I forget to start it and dreamweaver will error when looking for the d-related files



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            Wow, is that ever screwy!


            Thanks, Richard. I had set it up from Manage Sites. I deleted the testing server there and set it up from the "setup" message as you suggested and it works.


            This seems like a bug that shouldn't have escaped alpha testing, to say nothing of beta testing.

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              After performing the actions described above, I now have a functional testing server. I still need to modify some PHP settings, but I should be able to work through that.