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    Advice on Current Setup - FCP to AE, Color grade & Export Codec (Red R3D's)


      Hi there,

      I’ve been out of the loop for a bit for I’ve been caught up in a lengthy production and due to the "here today, gone later today" nature of life & software development I thought I’d ask a few questions so I can hit the ground running and not run into a bunch of brick walls that have already been discussed and resolved. I have been reading through the forum, but sincerely would appreciate any advice to get me restarted with current solutions in case I missed some obvious pointers that have already been laid out. My platform is Mac. Okay, here it goes:

      For a large project with a ton of footage, my work flow has been cut proxies in FCP, export XML, import XML into clipfinder, change proxies to R3D in clipfinder, export new XML with R3D settings, import XML into Premiere, fix things that did not conform in Premiere, Export and then re-import into AE. Is there a current (better) workflow when working with proxies in FCP and then wanting to master R3D’s in AE?

      90% of the footage is R3d, but there are some timelapse shots that were done on DSLR’s so they were rendered to Prores to work in the FCP timeline in the above scenario. When exported as described above they created many problems in both Premiere and AE. As a result I have to manually remove them. Is that still a problem?

      When in AE and grading are there any settings I should start with in order to take advantage of the new color science as well as FLUT?

      What are the best settings to have in AE for grading R3D’s?

      I’ve had a lot of problems and crashes with AE on larger R3D projects when rendering out. As a result I’ve had to break the project up into many small pieces. Is this still a problem?

      As a result of rendering out the project in chunks I’ve had to re-import back into FCP to conform and color shifts have plagued me with this. What is the best output codec people can suggest. I wish to have both 4k and 2k output options.

      Sincerely appreciate any help and pointers so I can hit the ground running.