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    graphic numbering with numbered lists

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      As an instructional designer for software, one task i complete frequently is creating numbered step tasks that coincide with an image that is also numbered.What normally happens is that I write the steps, and then i arrow off the screenshot and then add text frames with number in them next to the arrows.


      This presents a couple problems that are time consuming:

      1. If i miss a step in the text, and then write the new one, it sets the numbering off in the image and I have to renumber.

      2. There are a wealth of alignment issues and "eyeballing" that goes on when I number the image.


      It would be great if there were a tool that you could choose to write numbered steps with. Then, when you have written the steps could go to the appropriate image and click the areas that corresponded to the steps and it would generate a numbered arrow or other such signifying item. Then, when/if you update your numbered steps, the arrows would renumber accordingly. While there may be some pitfalls to this method, i think it would be a great time saver.