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    Changes in ACR Behavior

    Hudechrome-sd9sPI Level 2

      Today I was notified of updates to Bridge and Camera RAW when I rebooted in Win7 64, and changes to Camera RAW only in XP 32.


      In Win7 I allowed the updates, and then opened  a file to see what I could see. I was shocked by what I saw.


      Apparently, the update took some xmp data from a file previous to the update, and applied it as a new default setting for my camera, as if I had myself done that, which I can assure you I did not, as I want to be sure my starting place for the evaluation was consistent, even if incorrect for the particular image.


      Here's the changes:


      1) All images now read 2010, including images never before opened anywhere and showed 2003 when first opening these in the current ACR. Ok, I can live with that.


      2) The Detail menu reflects a set of sharpness and noise settings I applied during my most recent runs for a particular ISO value which I had saved. Again these showed up on images from February never before opened anywhere. Not so acceptable at all.


      3) The "Enable Lens Profile Corrections" is now checked...total disagreement here! I have never saved (clicked Done) on any image I used to check the behavior of Lens Corrections.


      So, I reset all to the former defaults and saved as new camera raw defaults.


      I switched to XP CS5 and the notification of the update showed up. It only said Camera raw updates. I did not allow the updates, but went immediately to the same image I used to check the behavior in Win7 64. They all were at my selected defaults...no sharpening, noise or checked "Enable Lens Profile Corrections" IOW business as usual which I had so carefully selected and matched to the Win7 version.


      I ran the updates, and the only change I saw here was that the 2010 now ran without my selecting it, but all the other settings remained at MY default settings.


      I am at a loss to explain or accept. There is, of course, the remote possibility I did change the default settings in ACR Win7 version, but the change in "Enable Lens Profile Corrections" would have been excluded.


      Or my Fairy Godmother decided I  didn't know what the F I am doing and did it for me!


      So, it behooves the user to maintain a check on all default settings when updates are applied. I do that anyway, but I can get lazy or in a schedule conflict and simply run it.


      Note: What I had hoped I would see:  New lens data in ACR is provided including the 18 to 105 is now available. It isn't.




      I posted this in error in the Lens Correction Creator thread. My bad!