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    Using h264

    unc417 Level 1

      I've searched a little for info on this but didn't find anything related to my problem.


      I've been using a video service that required flv videos when uploading, I'm new to premiere and video editing in general, but I found and customized the flv settings easy enough.


      Now I'm wanting to use vimeo.  Vimeo recommends compression settings to 640x480 at 2mb/s video and 320kbps audio using mp4 and aac for 4:3 sd video.  That seems like a large file size, I didn't think most people could sustain a stream that large, but anyway my question is how do I get this configured in PE7?


      I saw h264 is used for mpeg4 for hd video but I can't modify the resolution.  I did what I could to modify that profile, but my hour long video made a file nearly 700MB. That seems too large for most to stream.  I saw I could use the quicktime and have h264 and aac, I can modify the video res but not the audio bitrate.  Maybe I'm missing something, what's the best way to configure my videos to vimeo's recommended settings?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          An hour is an unusually long video for online streaming. Usually most streaming video runs at most 10 minutes or so.


          Also, whatever you put up to Vimeo, YouTube, Google or whatever is going to get re-encoded anyway. So don't worry about your file being too large for viewers to stream. By the time Vimeo or YouTube get done re-encoding it to FLV, it will be plenty small (and at a frustratingly reduced quality usually).


          Use Share/Device/iPhone as a starting point for your MP4. It should come out at about that quality level by default.