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    AIR 2 RC - Video DRM bug, anyone else report this?


      Concise problem statement:

      Attempting to play videos secured by FMRMS with a policy that restricts playback by publisherId results in a DRMErrorEvent 3110


      Steps to reproduce bug:
      1. Use FMRMS to package a video using a policy such as created by "java -jar libs\AdobeRightsManager.jar new -n MyPolicy -m MyPolicy -l 32767 -a CD12A05ED315726B803...... -z AllowAllAuthorizer"
      2. Create an air application that plays back the video (calling loadVoucher()) when necessary (voucher load succeeds)
      3. Install the AIR runtime and run the video playback application.



      Playback results in DRMErrorEvent 3110 like this "[DRMErrorEvent type="drmError" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 errorID=3310 subErrorID=0 text="CD12A05ED315726B803....:" systemUpdateNeeded=false drmUpdateNeeded=false]

      Expected results: No DRM error (uninstall AIR 2 RC and re-install AIR runtime and the video will play back as expected!)


      It makes me nervous that we have a deployed application that would break due to this bug if the AIR 2 runtime is released soon!  It makes me even more nervous that bug reports seem to enter a black hole without any kind of bug report confirmation or assigned but tracker identifier!