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    Internal Error Message with CS5 Fireworks




      Experiencing the following problems with CS5 - Fireworks on Win XP Pro box.


      1 - When loading application and closing application, an internal error message apppears.


      2- Missing certain tool bars and do not have ability add or edit.


      Have re-installed the application and cleared some log files in the adobe folder but nothing has worked.  Any suggestions would be helpful.  Have a feeling it may be related to fonts or preferences but not sure.



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          Ivy Summers Level 1

          I you ever find out what cuases this Intranl error occuring please let me know

          because I can not use my CS5 fireworks at all. it will not load its keeps responding on

          the load with" A Internal Error has a Occured" then all function of the fireworks programs stops and I have to use task mananger to just shut it down.

          It was part of the cs5 web premium suite  all the other programs works fine, but the fireworks don't load with out errors.


          I have uninstalled and reinstalled the programs to no avil and I still keep getting this Internal error message. a few times it even blue screened my computer.

          forget about trying to contact adobe support about the problem everytime i call them they either hang up on me pass me to someone else until we are disconnected.  there is no content in the suport portal on this issue that i can find,


          I tried downloading and updating all my system drivers and everything is up to date.


          I am running a win XP Pro media , with a Pen 4 - 2.6 ghz  with hyperthreading I have 4 megs of ram and a Nvida Geforece serise 8 - 1 gig graphic card that has open GL and gpu 2.0  so my system should run this programs with easy but it won;t so if anyone has a anwser to this error message please contact me  because i would love to use this new version of fireworks. other wises its just taking up space on my hard drive and not doing anything to me good


          PLEASE HELP!

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            Junaid Atari Level 1

            Thank you so much for your email, Jony will read email when come online.


            Thanks and its automated system, thats why you got message.


            Thanks again, Thanks.



            Sag-e-Attar Junaid Atari!

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              Michel Bozgounov Level 2

              Try to backup and then delete all Fireworks preferences (with Fw closed), then start Fireworks again. See if this helps...


              On WinXP Pro, to re-create the Fireworks preferences folder:

              1. Close Fireworks.
              2. In Windows Explorer, go to \Documents and  Settings\username\Application Data\Adobe\Fireworks <version  number> and move this folder to another location (for example,  C:\Temp).
              3. Open Fireworks. Fireworks creates a new preferences folder.


              Hopefully, this will help...

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                That worked for me thanks.

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                  Thanks Michel that worked!