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    Looking for "Dry Brush" effect in After Effects

    seiurus Level 1

      Hi, I'm new to After Effects (CS4), and can't find an effect.  Hopefully it exists.  Photoshop has an "artistic effect" called Dry Brush.  It is not anything using brush strokes or actully painting on the screen.  What it does is filter the whole frame to make the image look like it was painted.  When used at its lowest settings, it removes all small blemishes in a frame, all subtleties in color, and sharpens edges so that it really looks like an oil painting. The result is similar to a "cartooning" plug-in, but less intrusive. I'm hoping that After Effects has a way to apply this sort of effect to whole video clips, not just frame by frame.  Perhaps it has a different name in After Effects; perhaps there is a plug-in.  I can't find anything like it.  Any suggestions?




      Steve Siegel