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    dreamweaver help! creating navigation bar?

      how do i create a navigation bar. my dreamweaver help says a nav bar has a up. down and over image but doesn't actually tell me where to get this image or how to create it??

      if this is going to be too complex i don't mind just having my nav bars as text link but can't seem to spread my 7 links out horizontally as i can only have two space bar in between each text?
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          You and me both my friend! I just got off the phone with "tech support" trying to pay for a single incident ($35) so they could walk me through putting a navigation bar on my website. It's so frustrting dealing with some of these techs. I don't want to be politically incorrect here, but I always wind up with someone I can hardly understand ( accent ). This stuff is hard enough to follow with a language barrier. Then I called in to tech support, they told me I had to pay that I was out of complitmentary assistance, so they transferred me to sales, who after speaking to two more people I had trouble understanding, I was transferred back to tech. support who asked me if I had paid for a plan! Then she says she can take the credit card etc., when I got through with that she tells me that she can't walk me through putting the nav. bar directly on my web site, that I'll have to open a new page and to a sample one. ( which means when I finish I'll have to remember all the steps and try to duplicate it on my own site. ( you know how that goes! ) It's infuriating. I wound up spending an hour and got nothing, they couldn't even just charge my card so I'd have credit toward one call later. ( I had to go after dealing with this for 45 minutes)

          Anyway, You have to go to Firefox or maybe photoshop to create the background image. I did some in Firefox, but for the page background, not the nav. bar. You would open a new page, put in the size ( pixels ) you need, then use the rectangle tool to outline that which selects it. Then you can go to the bottom of the screen and select the color and gradient tool to create some cool color effects. The thing I don't know is how to know exactly what size your navigation bar is going to be ahead of time so to size it right. I understand it has to be exact. This tech told me that they can't help with any "design issues", like color, where it goes in your website, etc. If they talk you through how to do it on a blank page and then you have trouble on your real website, well that's another issue and another $35. But I don't even understand if they will help you on the real website. NIGHTMARE!!!!