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    need of a Javascript

    iconofsin14 Level 1

      For the site I am working on i have been asked to do something thats a little more complex that all the CSS and DIV problems I have been posting about recently.


      That said it is something which probibly hasent change since I first learnt web design back in 2004


      What the client wants is for a series of images to fade into and then out of view in random parts of the screen (this can be in pre set areas which just look random the first time a person views it if nesesary) for a few seconds when a specific link is clicked on. There are several possible ways she might want it to occur


      1) the loading of the next page is artificially postponed for a few seconds while the effect is displayed

      2) the effect is displayed while the next page is loading (probibly not a good idea considering the speed to home internet these days)

      3) the effect is displayed on the when the next page loads (but this will cause a momentary delay in the start of the effect while the page changes)


      and finally number 4 the one I would most like to do if possible


      4) the effect starts as soon as the link is pressed and lasts for a set amount of time, the next page loads at the same time but when the page changes on screen the effect with the pictures is not inturupted in any way - as if once launched it is not dependant on ether the starting page or the page being loaded to be visable.


      Is a Javascript the way forward?


      If so can anyone help me with the code for it!