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    Weird Flashing Action with SWF File


      Hi guys.

      I would like to know why the nav menu I have just made in Catalyst does a weird flashing action when I hover over the buttons, as it doesn't happen when you hover over the start button on the monitor I did a few weeks ago - http://www.dylricho.com/

      Here is the link - http://backup.site40.net/Nav%20Menu/Menu.swf




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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Hi Dylan,


          There's a good chance this is due to differences between your button's Up and Over states.  Remember, the "mouse-sensitive" area is determined by which graphics are actually visible.  You could get a flicker if some artwork that's visible in the Up state is hidden in the Over state:

          1. Imagine a "background tint" rectangle is visible in the Up state.  Mousing over this rectangle naturally puts you into the Over state.
          2. Now imagine this background rectangle isn't visible in the Over state, and neither are any other graphics at that position.  So, as soon as you get to the Over state, you are actually no longer over the button.
          3. Since you're not over the button, you go back to the Up state.  But now you are over the button (since the rectangle has reappeared), so you go back to the Over state... but now you're not over the button anymore, so... etc.


          (You may have noticed this same issue on some HTML sites where links change font style, and thus resize, in response to rollover).


          If you can't just tweak your artwork to fix this, there is one sneaky workaround: draw a big rectangle (or other shape) over top of your entire button, to define the mouse-sensitive area.  Now set the opacity of the rectangle to zero -- but leave the eyeball on in the Layers panel.  Since the rectangle is still technically visible (eyeball is on), it will still "catch" mouse events on behalf of the button.  (Just be sure you share the rectangle into all states of the button and make it the same size across all those states).


          - Peter

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            DylRicho15 Level 1

            Thanks for your suggestion, Peter. Since you're a pro at Flash, I'll trust your way to be correct and say you've answered it. xD


            Although I have managed to sort it a different way - by creating two separate layers. One containing the different images ontop of the other layer containing the rectangular components.


            I get what you mean, just copy the rectangular components onto all states and it'll work. I've just tried it. Cheers budd.




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