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    Newbie in deep end: Can't open files as project?

    IcedTea42 Level 1

      Sorry, I've honestly tried to find a solution.


      I've been given a .zip folder full of files, and told to use RoboHelp to compile them into a CHM file.


      • My boss just quit without telling me how this is done, and the folks who need them are in India and don't seem to know how my boss performed the magic - they just know she took the files and created a .chm.
      • I have an idea what the .chm file is, but I don't know how to start.


      The file types in the .zip folder include .jpg, .apj, HTML documents, HHP Backup, HHC Backup, HHK Backup, H files, CPD and CDR, .css, .fpg, images in .gif and .jpg format, .ign, .js, .lng, .phr, .pss, .xpj, .pss, .phr, .ssl files, .stp, .syn, and .txt files.


      When I open Robohelp (I have both Word and HTML versions of RoboHelp), the first question is whether I want to open an existing project - which I assume I do:

      • I want the existing files to be included in the project
      • I don't know anything else about the project: not the main topics, not even the title, so I don't want to try to create something from scratch - I just want to compile the files, if that's possible.


      I created a new project anyway, and it seemed to work - the access path is the correct directory and my files are incorperated.


      But now, how do I create a .chm using my existing files?


      Thank you, thank you!!