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    Converting SWF file to MOV


      I created an animation in Flash and added audio to go with it. I need to export to a movie file so I can eventually turn it into a FLV file for the web. The problem is the audio is about 5 minutes long and it doesn't seem like Flash can support this long of a timeline. Does anyone know of an easier way to combine my animation and audio? I've been working on this for days and I can't find a solution. Should I use a different program? Thanks in advance!

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          you could use IMovie or Windows Movie Maker and just combine the .mov or .avi or whatever and then add the audio. Simple. Flash will hold that long of audio but your SWF or FLV will have a huge file size.

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            AnneCL3 Level 1

            Thank you, Fumph! This sounds so simple. I use Windows at work so I am curious about Windows Movie Maker. Is it a free program?

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              Fumph Level 1

              Usually it comes with windows XP and theres a new program for vista and windows 7. If you dont have it go to the microsoft website and searchit, you might be able to download it. I dont know Ive never tried. And yes its free

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                AnneCL3 Level 1

                Thank you, but I did some research and I don't think this will work for me. Does anyone else have any suggestions? My animation is short and needs to contiuously loop with the 5 minute audio.

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                  Karthik R. Level 2

                  I think flash can accomodate a 5 minute audio file.

                  You can always stream your audio file if you don't want to embed it( because embedding might make your file size pretty huge)


                  You can have your animation playing on the main timeline while your audio is being streamed. The problem with such a condition would be the synchronization of the audio and animation. But you can always use the FPS to speed up or tone down the speed of your animation.