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    DW CS5 crashes on second & subsequent runs: undaternotifications.dll


      Installed Dreamweaver CS5 on a corporate XP Pro SP3 build, as an Admin. Executes fine the first time after installation, crashes the second and all subsequent attempts at execution. First crash or two occurs shortly after painting the main screen, with an MS error indicating a fault in updaternotifications.dll. Subsequent crashes are silent, occuring a few seconds into the splash screen, leaving behind only the Adobe crashdump file as evidence. All other Adobe Products operate as expected, including DW CS4.


      Found a reference to an exactly analgous problem in an Adobe forum on FlashBuilder, which recommended renaming the updaternotifications.dll file as a temporary work-around. This does appear to resolve my DW CS5 crash problem, but precludes using the "Help->Update" function to retreive patches. Several obscure notes on the web implied this problem may be quite generic across the CS5 line, without all circumstances being understood. The Adobe forum indicated this might relate to an inability to create scheduler tasks due to priveleges/security or possibly an MS patch, but that does not appear to be my case, as I can freely do so.


      Anyone found a more permanent solution to this problem?


      Cheers, Bob

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          BobH487 Level 1

          Thanks Mylenium. Without luck, I'd already tried disabling updates from within the apps themselves during their successful first run. Per your note, I then deleted the Registry startup entry "AdobeAAMUpdater-1.0" and rebooted - that also didn't prevent the problem for me. However, I've since blundered into the following work-around, that seems to be OK for me, though I'm still unsettled as I have no idea about the root problem. Adobe Tech Support seems aware that their is a real probelm in the field with this, but hadn't yet (as of last week) nailed it down enough to release a substantial answer.


          1) Renamed the two instances of "updaternotifications.dll", for Dreamweaver CS5 and Device Central CS5. (Device Central CS5 exhibits the same run once then fail forever symptoms.) These two dll instances are:


          \Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver CS5\updaternotifications.dll

          \Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Device Central CS5\updaternotifications.dll


          This solves the crash on start problems, but leaves me with inactivated "Update Now" menu entries in the software.


          2) To search for patches on demand, I can run the updater manually by executing the file:


          \Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\OOBE\PDApp\core\PDApp.exe


          I used this to successfully retrieve updates I knew where out there, after disabling the .dlls.


          Thank kindly for your attention, Cheers, BobH

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            BobH487 Level 1

            Answered to the degree I have a work-around for the nonce. Forum traffic seems to indicate this problem, though obscure in root cause, crosses all manner of CS5 products. Updaternotifications.dll is itself crashing, the first time or two of each install with crash-notification to Microsoft. Even if the environment surrounding the dll (priveleges, file ACLs et al) were less than ideal, I don't believe it should just "Crash". And to the best of my knowledge, I'm "clean" relative to all the ideas I've seen forwarded: have admin rights, file ACLs are correct, AV and Firewalls not intruding, no special security restrictions... Seems to me to be an old-fashioned bug, though probably obscure and relating to or interacting with the overall system configuration.


            Thanks all...