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    Dreamweaver Frames/Flash and Safari

      Hey guys, i've never seen this glitch before and have been experimenting and searching for a few days now. This glitch only happens in Safari browsers... IE and Firefox have no problems.

      I made a Frameset website in Deamweaver 8. Website is here... www.marianmusmecci.com

      The Flash Radio that I designed in the bottom frame 'footer.html' plays the audio more than once at the same time (doubles the audio). If I launch the frame on it's own... www.marianmusmecci.com/footer.html, it works fine. But not while it's in the entire frameset.

      It's real confusing because I have a few websites with the exact same workflow that work in Safari. like a test site I'm working on... www.kauze.com/indexx.html. And I have a flash site not in a frameset that works in Safari... www.shootiehg.com. Because these other sites work fine I'm assuming it's not the Flash Radio I made, which I've gone over the Flash code line for line. Maybe something I've overlooked in Dreamveaver. Please help and request any info you need off of me.

      Thanks and keep rockin'