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    Text Format Different Once Generated

      When I format the text in Robohelp for HTML it includes bold text, underlined text and light type face text. When I generate the Webhelp and open with Internet Explorer 6.0 there is bold text that is not bold in Robohelp.

      If I open with another broswer i.e. Mozilla Firefox, there is no bold text other than what I have bold in Robohelp.

      Any ideas?
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          No ideas except to check the true code. Sometimes, if you are entering in line format changes, RoboHelp may not clean up some tags and you may have duplicates or competing tags, e.g. <SPAN STYLE = "whatever"><FONT = "something different>. If this is happening in a lot of places, you need to rethink how you handle format changes.

          For IE users, here is a true story:
          Internet Explorer wouldn't connect to the internet. We could access the internet from the MyComputer/Favorites tab but it wouldn't show all multimedia content. IE always gave a "page cannot be displayed" page. I was totally baffled so decided I would try Microsoft's paid support. They had me download and try Firefox. When that worked, they closed the issue and wouldn't continue to troubleshoot. So, the official Microsoft position seems to be to use Firefox.

          Hopefully, you won't have to resort to that for your users...

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            Thank you for the answer... I would like to use FF except corporately we are IE 6.0 supported only.

            What I ended up doing was generating the Webhelp with W3C Compliant topics and that seems to have worked.