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    Auto-Rewind Video


      Hello all,


      How do I get video to "auto-rewind"  I have a few pages laid out and on each page is a .flv video with some navigation buttons that lead to other pages.  When I click from the first page to the second page, the second page video plays fine but when I click to go back to the first page the first page video continues to play from the point I left that page.  I would like all the videos in all the pages to start over when I go to that page.


      Example:  I'm mocking up a simple branching e-learning game when the user see a video clip and then is presented with a few options of how to proceed.  If the user clicks the right response a new video plays and the story continues.  If the user picks the wrong answer then they are given some feedback and can click a button to retry.  I would like the video to rewind each time so when they get a wrong answer they can hit a "retry" button and be taken back to veiw the video again.


      Any help?



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          Tara Jane Feener Level 3


          When you transition to a new state, you'd like your video from the previous state to stop.

          Stop in Catalyst does what you're looking for (stops the video, auto rewinds back to the beginning).


          You can achieve this using transitions in the timeline panel (bottom of Catalyst).


          1) Look for the transition in the left hand list which matches the pages workflow.


          Ie, you have a video on Page 1, and a video on Page 2.


          2) In the transitions list, look for  'Page 1 > Page 2', and click it to select it.


          3) Select your video on the artboard.


          4) In the bottom of the timelines panel, click 'Add Action'.


          5) You'll see a submenu option called 'Video Controls'.  Choose 'Stop'.


          6) Now whenever your application transitions from Page 1, to Page 2, it will stop the selected video.


          When you return to Page 1, it should be back at the beginning such that you can play it again.


          Does this achieve what you're looking for?

          Let me know, if not let me know what specifically I'm missing/or could use further detail and I'll elaborate.

          Thanks for posting!


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            rockon1981 Level 1

            AWESOME!  Thanks!  I'm pretty sure this is what I'm looking for.  Thank you!