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    Motion tween effect problem.


      I'm trying to create a specific effect on flash, basically the piece Im struggling with is a ring, imagine a doughnut, inside it for this description is one button, when you click on that button I want a piece of the doughnut to shrink away, cutting a segment of it out, revealing more buttons behind it. Basically imagine it going from a 'O' shape to a 'C' shape. Im really stumped as to how to do this, I've tried tweens but I cant get it to work.


      Any help would be appreciated.



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          The animation side of things is definetly not the focus of what knowledge I have but here goes...


          A shape tween sounds like what you want.  Create the base shape, and secondary shapes for a gap in each direction you need.  After that you setup the timeline into sections for each of the directions and label them, and finally use goToAndPlay to choose which direction to unveil.


          Should work, but Im not sure if its the best approach.  Hope it helps.

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            Karthik R. Level 2

            Instead of using a shape tween I would rather go with masks.

            You can add different masks to your "doughnut" and on click of the button you can decrease the alpha value based on your needs.

            Similarly you can set the mask in any shape you want and this will avoid all the problems you will encounter with using gotoandplay()